August 2016

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Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives… Or at least they could be, if you were Diedre Hall or Drake Hogestyn; but assuming you aren’t, what is it about soap opera sets of plywood and cardboard that have made viewers for decades (and I do mean decades!) wish for that kind of glitz and glamour? I don’t have a full answer to that, but I do have an idea. It’s an attention to detail. What’s the difference between a great outfit and a stunning look? It’s the the Givenchy accessories! When it comes to a house, it’s not the square footage, or the number of rooms (although those are super important!); it’s the almost-overlooked accents that make you say, “Ohh!”, “Ahh!”, and “Wow!”.


Set on a hilltop, 207 Canyon Turn Trail offers

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Anyone can tell you that this house, or that house is the one for you, but few actually prove to live up to that title. What makes any house the one? The master suite? The backyard? Maybe the landscaping? Some would say the kitchen – since I don’t know difference between a boiled egg and a boiled ham, I don’t fall in that group– but I know a good kitchen when I see one!


At 7004 Nubian Lane, there is a kitchen to die for (for those of you who “die” for those things)! Open-plan kitchen with a large breakfast nook featuring custom raised-panel wood cabinetry in a white satin finish, granite countertops, travertine backsplashes, and an oversized central prep island/breakfast bar with a Franke under-mounted stainless steel double sink and Hans Grohe

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