Posted by Ashley Stucki on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 at 1:49pm.

1. Don’t waste time – Beat the Rush!


There’s a tendency for us to wait until we need to sell our house before we actually do anything. If you’re seeing your neighbors selling and making a pretty profit, don’t wait for the calendar to tell you when it’s time to sell! When more than two-thirds of the country measure their wealth through home ownership, it’s time to start thinking like a wealth manager – maximize that investment!!




Yes, it’s a pain, and yes it’s time consuming, but it pays off – in DIVIDENDS! When it comes to buying a home, Buyer A is not interested in your priceless collection of Hummels, or your wedding photos. They want to see your house – so let them! Not to mention, moving some unnecessary furniture and tchotchkes can give a room an alluring, sweeping feeling and allow a buyer to feel like they’re getting more for their buck!


3. If you’re not going to make major updates, at least paint!


These days, thanks to House Hunters on HGTV and Million Dollar Listing… on Bravo, every buyer wants to see a “model” home. And I don’t mean one that walked the runway with Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks, but one that has everything seemingly pulled from the latest issue of TriBeza or Austin Monthly. That said, if hand-polished marble counters are out of the budget, take the time and have a lovely coat of some neutral gray paint put onto the wall – it makes a world of difference!


4. Leave yourself open to showings!


Like with the decluttering, showings are inconvenient, people no-show sometimes, or show up unannounced… but in the end interest in your home is a GOOD THING! If someone wants to see your house, let them. People tend not to buy houses sight unseen. Allow for enough time during the day for buyers to visit your home (unfortunately at dinner too) and especially on the weekends!


5. Listen to what the market (and your agent) is telling you.


Your realtor is your lifeline, your first line of defense and best advocate. He/She has access to market information and trends. As they’re sharing information with you, be open to what’s going on. If the market is dictating a lower price, go with it and remember if a realtor is suggesting to lower the price they’re suggesting to cut into their own commission! If you maintain an open mind about the market conditions, you really can’t go wrong!


Keep these 5 tips top of mind and you’ll be sure to sell, sell, SELL!!

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