Marketing Your Home

Effectively Marketing Your Home for All It’s Worth

Marketing your home requires all of these activities: home preparation, pricing, presentation and even negotiation, as well as strategic advertising and networking, are undertaken with one aim- to maximize your home market’s exposure. Ashley pays careful detail to all of these activities so you ultimately sell for top market value.

Consultation for Home Staging

Ashley will schedule a staging consultation where you, the home stager, and Ashley will tour your house and make improvement recommendations. An important step to selling your home is to create an atmosphere that will attract buyers. First impressions count and here are a list of considerations that we will be looking for:

Curb appeal - Are the grounds in perfect shape?  You must eliminate the yard of weeds, the trees and shrubs should be pruned, there should be nothing in the yard, and the grass should be freshly mowed and completely green (lots of water and fertilizer in the weeks before the sale.)

Clutter – Get rid of the clutter and keep your home décor simple. It’s valuable to rent a storage facility to move the clutter out of the house and away from the buyer.  Take down family photos and put away other personal items.  They only distract the buyer.

– Ensure that your walls are not only clean, but also freshly painted if necessary.  Paint is the best investment for a greater return on the sale of your home.  A $1000 in paint work can bring another $10,000 in purchase price.  Make sure to keep colors neutral.

- Refinish your hardwoods and replace worn vinyl.  If your carpet i3s in good shape, ensure that a professional cleans it.  If it is showing wear, you should strongly consider replacing it.  I’ve often heard sellers say they would give a carpet allowance so a buyer could select their own carpet; however, buyers want a home that is ready to move into today.

- It is offensive for non-smokers and non-pet owners to come into a home that has smoke and pet odors.  Make sure to impress them though all of their senses. Ways to a great smelling home is through cleaning the walls, a fresh coat of paint, cleaning the drapes, and replacing the carpets.  When you know buyers are coming, it might be a good idea to brew some coffee or cook some brownies.  Dessert and coffee are great ways to welcome guests into your home.

Complete Sellers Disclosure

It’s in your interest to disclose everything you know about the property you’re selling. With market comparables and the entire transaction history of your home, a complete and accurate property profile gives you the power to price your home with confidence. This is the information will be used to market your home on the Multiple Listings Service and for flyers.

Develop Marketing Material

Ashley will collaborate with our marketing experts to develop copy to showcase your homes best features. We will display this information on flyers, websites, and on audio/video recordings.  Most home buyers use the internet to begin their home search, so it is imperative to have a virtual tour and professional pictures to display your home.

Complete Paperwork

You are required to complete paperwork by Austin Board of Realtors, Texas Real Estate Commission and by Ashley. The Seller’s Disclosure Notice is very important because it outlines certain details and defects with the property, so please pay special attention to the details. Ashley will help you step-by-step throughout this important process.

Final Pricing Consultation

After the staging and repair recommendations have been completed, we will meet again to determine the best price for your home. Ashley works hard to help you every step of the way to accurately price your home to sell with maximum profit. Ashley Stucki's Marketing Professionals will take it from this point forward!